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Study Engish in Britain

Improve your English language skills with BSC in the capital of Great Britain
About Our Project
Our project provides a gateway into the world of languages connecting people and communities to every day English practice and engaging them in a realm of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities. We offer a link to a range of English language courses in Britain at Experience English in partnership with British Study Centres.
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Our target audience
Adults of all ages
Master students
Post graduates
University lecturers

Our group at BSC

Learning languages implies learning people and cultures, the ways they think and behave. You've got a good chance of challenging that.

So, take your chance. Join one of our groups heading to London to study English with 100% Englishmen. The nearest couse start date is January 26.
Our destination point
Experience English in partnership with British Study Centres welcomes students from across the globe.
International groups of students
Our contacts
If you want to get in touch with us, send an e-mail to astashina.ol@yandex.ru, nakopylova@yandex.ru
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